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How does it works

Admin stock alert enables people dealing with stock management of a Magento 1 store to receive daily or weekly email notifications when a defined product, or product category reaches a defined amount of stock.

Alert settings

To set an alert, go to the Magento back office menu : →Catalog Admin Stock Alert

menu entry

Then click on :

Add New Alert

create alert

Now fill in the different information :

Alert Information

Alert Name : this name will appear in the grid with the other stock alerts you created.
Description : daily alert for low stock of Brand red articles
Status : Active or Inactive alert
Store view : select the store view you want the alert rule to apply.

alerte information


Now set the conditions that determine your stock alert rule.
For example, you want to receive a notification when the stock of blue teeshirts reach 4 units.

Admin stock alert conditions works like the promotion conditions tool.
Select if ALL or ANY of the conditions are TRUE or FALSE


Then choose relevant product attribute, for instance : SKU, color, manufacturer and the Inventory Attribute (eg: quantity = 4).


By default the following attributes are available :

  • Product Attribute

   Attribute Set

  • Inventory Attribute 

   Manage stock
   Stock availability

Of course you can add all the other attributes to your alert.
To add them in the dropdown menu, follow this steps :

CatalogAttributesManage Attributes :

Select the attribute you want to add to your stock alert conditions :
Edit Product Attribute
 Use for Promo Rule Conditions : YES

Choose the attribute, click on it to open the window “Edit Product Attribute “SKU”
Use the promo rule conditions. : YES


  • First set the information provided in the email :

email addresses : recipient's email address, you can add several addresses by separating them with a comma.
attribute to show in the emails grid :
This will define which information will be displayed in the email.
Default attributes are : name, sku, qty, is in stock (they will appear in the same order in the email's grid).

To customize your stock alert email, you can add other any attributes:
To do so, you need to add the attribute_id in the field. You can find all the attributes id by clicking on the link : You can find product attributes here :

choose fields

manage attribute

  • Then set the frequency of the notifications (daily or weekly) :

Daily report enabled : YES or NO
Daily report Time : every hour from 00:00 to 23:00
Weekly Report enabled : YES or NO
Weekly report Day : select one day of the week
Weekly report hour : every hour from 00:00 to 23:00

If the conditions are not verified, you won't receive any email.

Email settings

You can manage some settings like the email sender or which email template will be used
System → Configuration → Blackbird extensions → Admin stock alert 
Enabled : you can activate the notification system of not. 
Email information : select the email sender 
Report email Template : Choose the email template

system configuration

Templates of emails

It is also possible to add a new email template, for example if you need the email in different languages.
Too add a new template of email, go to System --> Transactional Emails--> + Add a new template.

Select the default template "Blackbird Stock Alert - Reports" and Load Template
Enter a new name for the template, add your changes or languages translations and Save the Template.

email template

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