Admin Stock Alert


Admin Stock Alerts is a stock management tool for Magento 1 to set inventory reports based on product attributes conditions.


Admin Stock Alert

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Manage daily or weekly reports that will be directly sent to webmasters, logisticians or anyone dealing with the stock management of the e-store.

With Admin Stock Alert

  • Improve your stock management
  • Be aware of low stock quantities and anticipate shortages
  • Provide relevant stock information to your collaborators
  • Save some time to your logistic team with this scheduled alerts.

Easily improve stock management with conditional stock alerts

Create alerts

Admin Stock Alert works like the conditional promotion tool of Magento. To create an alert, define the conditions based on the product attributes and its availability in stock.
As a user, you will be able to determine all combination of conditions based on product and inventory attributes to cover infinite numbers of combinations.

Customize the alert emails

Once the alert rule is validated, the user can chose the frequency of the cron, i.e. how often the program will check if the condition is true, and then send an email. The frequency can be either on a daily or on a weekly basis.
You can also define the information provided in the email by adding other attributes to the default information of the email.

How does Admin Stock Alert work?


For more information you can refer to our documentation

Online Demo

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