Estimated Delivery Date
Pour Magento 2

2- Manage Product Preparation time

Sales → Estimated Delivery Date → Preparation time rules

  • Add New Preparation Time Rule

  • Add a Name

  • Add a Description

  • Activate the rule or not

  • Select the Website which the rule applies to

  • Select the group(s) of holidays to exclude from this rule

  • Select the days when preparation is made: eg :select Monday to Friday if your warehouse is closed during weekends.

  • Preparation Time: number of days needed to prepare a certain type of products.

eg: 1 = preparation = one day, available for shipping the next day.

  • Cut off time: select the time.

What is the Cut-off time?

It is the daily time considered as a limit to prepare the order the same day, after this time your order will be prepared the next day.

  • Priority: if more than one rule corresponds to one product, you have to define a priority to tell which rule will apply: 1 is low priority, 10, 100 and more for higher priorities. You can check the priority in the grid.

Conditions on catalog: use all existing attributes to narrow your condition to the most precise configuration needed.


By default the following attributes are available:

Attribute Set


You can add all the other attributes to your preparation rule.

To add them in the dropdown menu, you need first to:

Stores → Attributes → Product →  select your attribute (for instance : color)
In Storefront Properties: “use for Promo Rule Condition” select YES

You can also add all the attributes at once using an SQL Request.

Conditions on cart: determine a condition based on the cart of your customer: total weight, total item quantity...

View from the Grid: