Discontinued Product Redirect for Magento 2

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Your articles are not renewed? Easily set up and manage their redirections


  • Setting 301 or 302 redirects to a default category or specific product
  • Disable or not all "discontinued" child items
  • Mass import of a list of SKUs or a CSV file


Read this page and our documentation to discover all the features


Available for those versions:

  • 2.2
  • 2.3
  • 2.4

Discontinued Product Redirect by Blackbird

As an e-merchant, it often happens that some of your products are discontinued. The problem is tthat links, especially from your communications, always point to the pages of these products. The visitor who clicks on it, is then frustrated to land on an error page. Deleting these items is not a good idea; this would create dead links that would penalize your SEO.

Our extension solution is as simple as it is effective: set up 301 or 302 redirects on these items to guide your visitor to similar products in the same category.

You thus turn lost sales from these discontinued products into new conversion potential while optimizing your customer experience.

  • Discontinued Product is a solution specifically designed for your needs and allows you to fine-tune your redirection strategy. Set up and customize these features from your admin backoffice:

    • permanent or temporary redirect? It's up to you to determine if you need a 301 or 302 one
    • define the categories to which the stopped products must be redirected. If the item does not belong to any of these categories, you can choose one by default
    • another alternative: for each of your discontinued  products, rather than a category, choose another item to redirect to.
    • you also have control over whether or not to automatically disable all the children of an item with "discontinued" attribute

  • Several of your items are not restocked ? Rather than setting up their redirects one by one, perform this operation by mass effect. For this, a simple command line allows you to import a list of SKUs or a CSV file, saving your teams a huge time.

    From your admin backoffice, you can also mark several items with the "discontinued" attribute at the same time.

    #fact: according to Matt Cutts, star SEO blogger, you can apply 301 redirects to all the pages of your site as you want, without penalizing you. see more at https://bit.ly/3wkHOEL 

  • You've put so much effort into optimizing the SEO of your pages and now items are discontinued.

    Redirects help preserve as much SEO juice as possible from your backlinks, while a page redirecting to a 404 error would eventually be downgraded by Google bots.

    By allowing search engines to index the new page, you keep your traffic and your position in the SERPs.

    #tips: to make crawling easier, be sure to keep your categories tree stable

  • Without any redirection settings, the dead link clicker lands on a 404 page. You know what happens next; he will immediately leave your site without visiting it and you will then quickly notice the increase in the bounce rate. This KPI, if too high, affects your ranking in the SERPs as it reflects the quality and relevance of your content.

    By redirecting pages of stopped products to similar product categories, you keep your visitor's interest and give them the opportunity to browse your site longer.

  • This extension is much more than technical, it brings a real SXO value to your e-commerce by combining SEO optimization with user experience. Scheduled redirect saves your visitor the frustration of landing on a 404 page. By suggesting similar items, they feel considered and their needs rightly assessed.

    For your teams, we have designed a fluid, intuitive and affordable administration, to make your job easier.
    Your satisfaction, including that of your customers, is at the heart of our motivation.




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