Advanced Mega Menu Manager for Magento 2

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A3M: the structured, rich and easily manageable mega menu for your e-commerce


  • Add, modify and delete new menu entries from the back-office
  • Fully scalable
  • Make your entries point to any type of content in your store
  • Responsive: adapts to all screens


Read this page and our documentation to discover all the features


Available for those versions:

  • 2.3
  • 2.4
  • Hÿva Compatible


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Advanced Mega Menu Manager for Magento 2Advanced Mega Menu Manager for Magento 2
Advanced Content Manager for Magento 2Advanced Content Manager for Magento 2

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A MEGA Menu? Yes, build and improve your Menus with rich content: you can add extra information you want to highlight such as promotions or bestsellers, and organize this information into submenus.

#Tip: Use it with ACM and add rich content and content lists to your sophisticated Mega Menus.

For Customers

“Navigate as boat in the water”

  • Create a smooth and intuitive navigation for your visitors with better organized wide range catalogs.

    #Fact: users are more likely to keep exploring your store with improved navigation.

“You’re on the right path”

  • Stop your customers from treasure hunting when visiting your store. Allow them to get where they want to go as soon as possible. (like a map to guide them) #user-oriented

For Developers

“Like a cat”


“Bring your personal touch”

  • Advanced Mega Menu is fully scalable and you, as a developer, has the liberty to expand and reshape your customer’s menus.

For Webmasters


  • Yes, as a webmaster you can easily add and remove information (once the developer has taken action and adapted your Mega Menu to your needs, of course!)

    Easily manage from the back office and add content progressively without needing a developer.

“You’re so extra!”

  • You can add extra information into your Menus to showcase promotions, bestsellers and more!

    #Fact: with easy to find products your sales will increase considerably.

“No need to make hard choices”

  • When it comes to content, don’t feel like you have to choose: add all information you need to add and don’t deprive yourself.

    True: basic menus are restrictive and not all information can be fitted into them. With our Mega Menu you are free to add all information you want!

“Makes sense”

  • Build meaningful Menus and organise relevant information in a way your customers will think: “WOW! Finally a menu that makes sense!”

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