Estimated Delivery Date for Magento 2

Inspire confidence by displaying the estimated delivery date before the order is placed


  • Display an estimated delivery date on the product page and in the shopping cart
  • Determine vacation periods
  • Configure conditional catalog or shopping cart rules
  • Display a cut-off time for order preparation to benefit from next day shipping
  • Customizable message


Read this page and our documentation to discover all the features


Estimated Delivery Date for Magento 2

Reassure my customers with an estimated delivery date!

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This extension is compatible with the following Magento versions
  • Magento 2.2
  • Magento 2.3
  • Magento 2.4
  • 100% Opensource
  • 60 days free support
  • Unlimited updates
  • 14 days money back


Online demo

Use our online demo to experience the extension

Estimated delivery date by Blackbird enables you to display the date of delivery, not just the delivery speed (eg. “availability in 3 days”), thanks to a very precise definition of both preparation and delivery rules.


Give your customer the relevant information and increase their satisfaction

Some usability studies show that displaying the availability in number of days result in a misunderstanding of the order availability and deteriorate the overall customer experience. When showing the date itself really helps to take decisions. With Estimated Delivery Date, you provide your customer with the transparent and reliable information.

Your warehouse is closed? No problem, the estimated date has been adjusted accordingly.

Determine precisely the holidays and different dates when your orders are not prepared. If you have different warehouses in different countries with specific opening dates, well, this is not a problem, you can set groups of holidays to manage them easily in your orders’ preparation rules.

One rule with many exceptions?

Yep, we thought about this! You already know how the promotion tool of Magento works, it is based on a conditional tree. Well, we use the same conditional tree in order to help you create all the rules you need to cover each special case. You can define conditions on catalog, such as Attribute Set, Category, Color, SKU. Conditions on cart can also be used: Total Weight, Subtotal, Total Item Quantity and more.

#smart: you can add all your custom attributes (format, gender, pattern, material…), in order to reach the highest precision.

“Hurry up or your order will be prepared tomorrow !”

Simply set a cut-off time, to determine the daily limit time to prepare orders, after which, your orders will be available for shipping the next day.

Choose your words

You can customize the message and adapt it to your brand and to your locale. You also have the possibility to translate it according to the store view. You can also select the pages where the message will be displayed.