Dynamic Product Price for Magento 2

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Customizable Options:

Display the price per unit but also the subtotal in the product description!


  • Automatic and dynamic calculation of the total price
  • Taking into account of degressive prices and catalog discounts
  • Display of a loading icon
  • Configuration of the triggering event


Read this page and our documentation to discover all the features


Available for those versions:

  • 2.3
  • 2.4
g>Display the price per unit of your product but also the total price.

From now on, your products’ prices will always be clear and easy to read for your customers.
Dynamic Product Price can deal with the tier prices, catalog price rules and price modified by third party extensions (if these respect Magento standards).

  • Compatibility : simple, virtual, downloadable, and configurable products (without any price change).
  • Incompatibility : bundle, custom options that modify the price, grouped.

That’s dynamic!

  • On the product price, when the customer changes the quantity of the product, the total price will dynamically and instantaneously update in the subtotal part.

Notify the client of the loading

  • You have the possibility to display and change the loading icon.


  • You can define the event listener which will trigger the subtotal update. Here are some events examples you can call: change / blur / input / keydown / focus, and so on.

… and specific!

  • You can assign the quantity field that must be observed. By default, the native quantity field is being watched, but you can declare another field in case of a specific development.

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