Estimated Delivery Date


Estimated Delivery Date by Blackbird is a powerful and flexible Magento 2 extension to add  preparation and delivery dates on your store.


Estimated Delivery Date

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Easy to configure in a few steps :

  • Define different groups of days-off (public holidays, days off, annual closure…)
  • Create rules for product preparation and define your cut-off time
  • Create rules for delivery times

Really flexible configuration based on conditions :
Like the promotion tool of Magento, preparation and delivery rules use the same conditional tree to get a very precise level of configuration. You can use all the existing attributes to cover all the different possibilities.

Customizable : adapt the message and manage translation according to the website.

Determine lead time and delivery time based on catalog and/or cart conditions, and display the estimated date on different pages of your store : Product page, Cart, Checkout, Success page, Customer account… 
Improve your conversion rate by providing this real purchase trigger to your customers


  • Holidays Settings

Create groups of holidays and days-off to select them easily in the next step of the process.
E.g. Christmas, Inventory, Annual Closure.

  • Use Conditions

Preparation time and delivery rules can vary according to different elements : if they are stocked in different places, if they are fragile and require special shipping conditions, if they are oversize or overweight, thanks to the conditional tree, you can reach all the existing attributes to define very precise rules. 

  • Set a cut-off time

Define the time at which the preparation is made the next day. For instance, if you select a cut-off time at 15:00,  if your order is passed at 15:01, it will be prepared the next working day.

  • Customize the message :

Change the default message and manage translations easily. Directly from the configuration panel, you are able to customize the message and choose where to display it or not according to shipping preferences.


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