Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find on this page some relevant information about our extensions. You will find more detailed information about each extension on their documentation page. If you need further assistance, please contact us on this page.

License & Support

Q. On how many websites can I install my extension?

A. Our single license allows you to use Advanced Content Manager on one Magento installation. The License is not domain related, but installation related. If you run several domains on the same instance of Magento, you can use the single license. But if you run each website on a new installation of Magento, you need a separate license for each of them, or buy our Integrator license which allows you to manage multiple projects.However, you can install the extension for each Magento instance that is not available for the public and is used for development and staging purposes.

Q. Do you have a license for integrators or web agencies?

A. Yes. We are supporting web agencies and we aim to help them build Magento sites/shops faster and become even stronger! Contact us to discuss about an integrator license.

Q. How can I access the support?

A. Contact us using the form, we will assist you by email. Please include the following information with your message: order or license number, server credentials and any information that can help us to answer you.

Features & Account

Q. Where can I download my extension after the purchase?

A. Go to Connect to your account, click on "My downloadable products", then click on the extension name to download it.

Q. Are your extensions compatible with the latest versions of Magento?

A. We strive to make our extensions compatible with the latest versions of Magento.

                                                                                               Magento 2





Advanced Content Manager 2 (100.3.4)





Advanced Mega Menu Manager (100.1.9)





Monetico CM-CIC 2 (100.1.13)





Estimated Delivery Date (100.1.4)





Dynamic Product Price (1.1.0)





                                                                                               Magento 1

Advanced Content Manager 1 (1.13.7)

 CE 1.5 > 1.9  /  EE 1.11 > 1.14

Monetico CM-CIC 1 (1.0.9)

 CE 1.5 > 1.9  /  EE 1.11 > 1.14

Admin Stock Alert (1.2.1)

 CE 1.5 > 1.9  /  EE 1.11 > 1.14

Ajax VAT Number Checker (1.0.5)

 CE 1.5 > 1.9  /  EE 1.11 > 1.14

Easy Comments (1.0.2)

 CE 1.5 > 1.9  /  EE 1.11 > 1.14

Q. Are your extensions compatible with the latest versions of PHP?

A. We follow Magento's recommendations for PHP version compatibility. This means our extensions are compatible with the PHP version used by Magento.

Q. Is there any limitation on my extension updates?

A. No, you have lifetime access for updates on your extensions, because we care to deliver you the best tool  to enhance your website.

Q. How do I download the latest version of my extension?

A. Log in to your account, click on "My Downloadable Products", then click on the name of the extension to download it and choose the latest version.

Skills & Services

Q. Do I need programming skills to use this extension?

A. It depends on your needs ;) But we worked hard to provide a user friendly extension, and some of the most powerful features of our extensions can be used without any line of code! 

Q. The extension I bought does not suit my needs, can I get a refund?

A. You can request a refund within 14 days of the date of purchase. We are always interested to know why the extension does not suit you so that we can improve :)

Q. What does support offer?

A. When you purchase an extension, you automatically get 60 days of free support. You can decide to buy more support at the time of purchase. The support allows you, if necessary, to create one or more tickets. A developer will be there to listen to you and answer you at any question. Once the support has expired, you can view the product documentation or purchase a support extension (soon available).

Q. Can I modify the extension once it is installed?

A. Yes, you can do that. All our extensions are 100% open source. Nevertheless, you are required to refer to the terms of the license under which the extension is developed and marketed (OSL 3.0 or our license). Don't forget to read it!

Q. What are the different types of payment methods that are authorized?

  • Credit Card

  • American Express

  • Paypal

  • Bank transfer payment: to be made as soon as possible within the following days of the order (you will find the account to transfer the money to in the order confirmation mail)