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Since its creation in 2015, Blackbird has developed a strong relationship with its customers and works to deploy increasingly innovative and personalized e-commerce solutions. Inevitably, our expertise has been built on the specific needs of our customers from different backgrounds.

On a daily basis, our role as a technical player catalyzes reflection and raises fundamental questions.
It is to perpetuate a long-term relationship, sustainable and profitable for our customers' business,
that we feel the need to perceive the shape of an activity and to give pace to strategic reflections - if only to ensure that the most relevant technical direction possible prevails for the company that trusts us.

How then can we not feel fully concerned by the commercial, logistical and organizational concerns of our clients?

As experts in these areas, our goal is to enable companies to take advantage of their full potential.


 E-commerce Expertise

- Accelerate and Perform -

worldwide ecommerceworldwide ecommerce

Choice of e-commerce
platform and CMS

Consulting in hosting
and network infrastructure

Launch of e-commerce

worldwide ecommerceworldwide ecommerce

UX & UI Design

Data Analysis - Objectives, KPIs,
monitoring dashboards

Conversion Rate Optimization

A word from the expert:

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Anthony Grutter - CTO

I provide advice and support in the analysis and choice of digital solutions.
I intervene in the context of digital transformations, to stabilize or reinvent an information system and to define a new course.
I favour tools and work methods that save time, automate and improve productivity.

In my opinion, the best weapons that will allow you to achieve your online impact are to collect & analyze finely the data at your disposal - and above all - to stay attentive to the world around you and to the competition.

I would be very interested in hearing about your concerns so that we can find the keys to grow your online business together.

Anthony Grutter - CTO

 Business Intelligence

- Rationalize and Optimize -

worldwide ecommerceworldwide ecommerce

Enterprise Resource Planning

Product Information Management

Logistical stakes
(WMS - carriers)

worldwide ecommerceworldwide ecommerce

Business Creation

Deploy your business
on new market places


A word from the expert:

As a digital entrepreneur for nearly 15 years, I build and grow ambitious business projects for all brands. Anchored by strong values of perseverance and empathy, I accompany decision makers in their budgetary and strategic orientations.
Some of the topics on which you will find in me a decisive interlocutor:

  • Expression of needs, research and selection of your partners & providers
  • Contracting authority support
  • Strategy for the marketing of new services and products, especially in the African territory
  • Recruitment and organization of a digital team.

These are just a few examples: don't hesitate to make an appointment with me so that we can discuss your projects!

Jérémie Bouchet - CEO

 Contracting authority support
and Formation

- Improve and Control -

worldwide ecommerceworldwide ecommerce

Management and Organization
of your production

Technical referent
of Web project

Digital Transformation

Creation of functional specifications
and Backlog Product

Implementation of continuous
improvement processes

A word from the expert:

I have been teaming with e-commerce professionals for over 8 years in their development strategy. My approach is based on 3 priorities: strategic decision making, advice to company managers and team education. My support aims to boost the business performance of our customers through growth levers:

  • Creation of digital roadmaps
  • Organization of the e-commerce teams' works
  • Definition of tools and services: e-commerce CMS, hosting, CRM, ERP, PIM, etc.
  • Task automation

Let's have a coffee to discuss your needs  .

Ceyhun Kaplan - COO

Through my daily work as a project manager, I have seen arise and studied all sorts of technical needs. Each of these questions required either sensitivity, experience
or in-depth study to answer them.

In order to be qualified as wise, I am convinced that the solution must take into account each stakes of a company, both budget and human resources for instance.

This is what stimulates me the most: understanding who you are
and allow you to take advantage of it!

That's why, in order to perpetuate a long term relationship, sustainable and profitable for our clients' business, we feel the need to perceive the shapes of a business and to lead strategic reflections.

Joffrey Henocque - Management of the Consulting and Strategy division