Customer Item Stock Alert for Magento 2

Changelog Customer Item Stock Alert 2

Version 100.0.10

Released the 2023-09-05

  • Fix Fix dynamic property declaration breaking php 8.2 compatibility

Version 100.0.9

Released the 2022-08-29

  • Fix Fix syntax error in index.php for php <7.3

Version 100.0.8

Released the 2022-07-25

  • Feature Added config to chose which email template to use for back in stock notification

Version 100.0.7

Released the 2022-07-12

  • Improvement Extracted alertToProcess collection resolution to allow easier customization on AlertManagement service
  • Fix Fixed resolution of composite name when subscribing to an alert

Version 100.0.6

Released the 2022-05-09

  • Improvement Added changelog
  • Improvement Added expired_at and canceled_by_user fields in table
  • Feature Added Customer panel section to follow alert and unsubscribe alters
  • Feature Added requirement of Blackbird core
  • Fix Fixed retrieving of modal text body

Version 100.0.5

Released the 2021-11-28

  • Feature Added store configuration to create specific logs
  • Improvement Code refactorization
  • Fix Minor bugs

Version 100.0.4

Released the 2021-11-04

  • Feature Added store configuration to choose product attributes to be displayed in popin

Version 100.0.3

Released the 2021-10-29

  • Fix Debugged wishlist product page display

Version 100.0.2

Released the 2021-10-08

  • Feature Added automatic email address input filling when customer is logged (2.4 only)

Version 100.0.1

Released the 2021-08-23

  • Improvement Changed way display attributes in subscription popin

Version 100.0.0

Released the 2021-07-09

  • Fisrt release