Brevo (ex Sendinblue) for Magento 2

Synchronize Sendinblue and Magento for more efficient email marketing.

  • Autonomous synchronization of Sendinblue > Magento
  • Simplified module configuration.
  • Includes marketing emailings, promotional emailings, newsletters and SMS campaigns
  • Improved filtering of marketing emailings according to your strategic objectives
  • All Magento customer attributes available on Sendinblue
  • Configurable frequency of data exports to Sendinblue
Brevo (ex Sendinblue) for Magento 2

Synchronize your customer data between Magento and Sendinblue and send marketing emails to your e-commerce customers.

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This extension is compatible with the following Magento versions
  • Magento 2.3
  • Magento 2.4
  • 100% Opensource
  • 60 days free support
  • Unlimited updates
  • 14 days money back


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Sendinblue by Blackbird

The strategy of email marketing is no longer to be demonstrated; it is in 1990 that the first emailing in our history was sent. Your marketing team is probably already using this technique to establish relationships with your customers and prospects for commercial purposes.

Sendinblue, a major player in emailing, offers a simple and highly effective solution for creating relationships between you and your customers/prospects.
If you have chosen this solution, we propose to facilitate the transmission of your customer data between Magento and Sendinblue and thus enrich your marketing campaigns.

On your e-commerce site, you collect several customer data, from the birthday to the last product ordered. You export your database in CSV and then re-sort it on the Sendinblue side. This is now ancient history with the Sendinblue for Magento 2.

The Sendinblue module for Magento has been designed to simplify the life of e-merchants who use this emailing solution.
Customer data is automatically synchronized with your contact lists on Sendinblue. No need to request a team member to import the database and ensure proper integration, everything is already done. The execution of your email marketing, newsletters and SMS campaigns is more reliable and accurate.


Reduce data import and update time

Put this repetitive and time-consuming task behind you and free up your marketing team's time for more valuable business activities.
Synchronization between Magento and Brevo allows you to refine your marketing strategy and create new campaigns based on updated data from your Magento e-commerce site.As soon as a prospect creates a user account or makes a change on your site, it will be automatically produced and updated in your dedicated Brevo list with our Brevo module.

A multitude of attributes for a refined segmentation

For fine-tuned personalization of your marketing emails, we offer several customer attributes to synchronize with Brevo:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Company
  • Last order
  • Country
  • Group
  • City
  • Account creation date
  • Last login
  • Newsletter
  • Website (FR/EN/ES/etc)

You can add new attributes to this list to sharpen your strategy and ensure customer conversion with specific development.

We also think about international stores

For international multi-store e-commerce sites, you will also find this information in your customer file in Brevo. With the Website attribute, you know if it is a French or international customer based on the navigation url on your site.

Tag customers from your Magento store

To carry out your marketing actions and develop your strategy with the right person and the right information, you need relevant and well organized Sendinblue lists.
To help you in the creation of these lists and in your actions, each customer has a Magento label if they come from your online store.

And your newsletter subscribers

All newsletter subscribers will be available on Sendinblue and synchronized from your Magento. If there are new subscribers on your site, they will be automatically transferred during the chosen data export.

Simple configuration in back-office

In the back-office configuration section of the administration:

  • Add the Brevo Magento 2 module and activate it
  • Generate the API key of your Brevo account
  • Choose the frequency of exports to Brevo (several times a day or once a week) depending on your e-commerce activity.