Monetico CM-CIC 2


CM-CIC payment (CyberMUT / Monetico) solution, for payments through Credit Mutuel Group.

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Monetico CM-CIC 2

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Monetico CM-CIC has been developed to help you install and configure your electronic payment system on Magento 2

Before installing and using this extension, you should have an opened electronic payment terminal's account from one of these following banks:

  • Crédit Mutuel
  • CIC
  • Desjardins

The allowed payment card are:

  • CB/Visa
  • EuroCard/MasterCard
  • American Express and PayPal (you should sign a contract with them)
Monetico Paiement extension

The Monetico Payment Extension for Magento 2 supports the authorisation method Payment Page. With Payment Page, the completion of payment occurs on the redirected Payment Page of Monetico.

 By purchasing the Monetico from Blackbird for Magento 2 you gain, additionally to the software license, extensive support services. In order to guarantee the security, functionality and compatibility of the payment processing we continually release updates and upgrades.

You are granted access to the latest versions during 60 days after purchase. In case you encounter problems with the integration or with the running system, we offer you support by phone or e-mail. Optionally, you can also use the installation service of customweb ltd (entire configuration of the module in the shop as well as with Monetico). This service can also be ordered at later date.

How it works

Monetico is a gateway payment solution. Blackbird has developed a module to integrate this solution into Magento 2.x.

After placing the order, the customer is redirected to the Monetico server. The customer fill the payment form and a response is sended to your Magento. According the code response, and your configuration, the order is processed.

For further information and see the full process, visit this link:

How to configure

Before installing Monetico for Magento 2.x, sign up for a Monetico account. You can create an account at this link:

How to use

As seen previously you can modify your environment status by modifying the value of the ‘environment’ field. In order to use the Monetico solution, you should enable the extension and enable the solution in the payment methods configuration (Stores > Settings - Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Monetico).

Important information

- Don't forget to install/activate the PHP module 'php intl'

- Don't forget to set up your IPN as specified in the documentation


Check out our frontend demo.

Check out our admin demo.
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Password: demo123


For further documentation about Montico for Magento 2, please see the following link:

View the documentation.

Check out the release notes.


Find out the licence:

For further information, contact us:


Version 2.0.0

  • One time payment method
  • Configuration:
    • TPE connection
    • Order states for each payment steps
    • Empty the customer cart
    • Custom cancel message
    • 3D Secure specification (landing amount)
    • Test and production environment

Version 2.1.0

  • IFRAME Integration
  • Configurable cron to cancel (change status) the orders of a status after a time laps
  • Add the Cofidis payment options: 3xCB, 4xCB
  • Add the PayPal payment option
  • Multi time payment method (1-2-3-4 times) NEW TPE
  • Debug mode (the ipn events are reported in the monetico log file)
  • Configuration:
    • Custom bank transaction description
    • Add the Express Payment option
    • Enable/disable the payment methods by amount
    • Set the percent range of amount by terms (multi-time payment method only)
    • Enable/disable the debug mode

Version 2.2.0

Not Planned Yet
  • Deferred payment method NEW TPE
  • Recurrent payment method NEW TPE
  • Refund action from the back-office
  • Partial refund action from the back-office
  • Manage all parameters returned by Monetico