An increasing number of e-commerce site visitors are using browsers or extensions that block data collection by Google Analytics, which runs on the client's side, on the browser.

This data is crucial for building relevant sales environments, improving profitability and conversion rates. In this context, these data are hardly exploitable, reducing market adaptation and may completely distort marketing decisions.

However, these valuable order data are recorded by Magento and it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of them. The module sends the conversion data from the server and no longer from the front-end for a specific data. Data transmission to Google Analytics is automated and optimized: all you have to do is enter your Google Analytics ID and watch the complete sales data arrive!

Google Analytics Server Side aggregates order information when orders are placed. In times of low traffic, the data is sent to Google Analytics.

There are several mods: the mod designed for Magento 2.1 and 2.2 which works with a scheduled sending of data and a mode designed for Magento 2.3 and above which works with a regularly scheduled sending queue.

The Google Analytics identifier is configurable and is, by default, the one set in Magento.