Monetico CM-CIC 1


This extension for Magento 1 provides CM-CIC payment (CyberMUT / Monetico) integration, for payments through Credit Mutuel Group.

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Monetico CM-CIC 1

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Add Monetico payment method for your Magento 1 store


Before installing and using this extension, you should have an opened electronic payment terminal account from one of the following banks:

  • Crédit Mutuel
  • CIC
  • Desjardins

The allowed payment cards are:

  • CB/Visa
  • EuroCard/MasterCard
  • American Express and Paypal (you should have signed a contract with them)

By purchasing this extension, you are granted an access to our extensive support services. We offer different support plans and the first 60 days are free. Updates and upgrades are continually released in order to ensure the security, proper functioning  and compatibility of the payments processing.

You will be granted an access to the latest versions of the extension. In case you encounter any problem, we offer a support by phone and e-mails. You can also extend this period if you want a longer support and access to the latest releases.

How it works

Monetico is a gateway payment solution. This module has been developed by Blackbird to easily integrate this solution in Magento 1.x.

On order placement, the customer is redirected to the Monetico server where he must fill a payment form. Then, a response in sent to your Magento store. The order is processed according to the response code and your configuration.

For further information, please visit the following link:


How to configure

Before installing Monetico for Magento 1.x you need a Monetico account. Follow this link to create your account:

How to use

In order to work properly, the extension has to be enabled and you must configure the Monetico payment methods in System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> Monetico.

Important information

- Don't forget to install/activate the PHP module 'php intl'

- Don't forget to set up your IPN as specified in the documentation {your_url}/monetico/payment/notify

- You can’t enable the payment option if you haven’t at least set the EPT number, society code and security key.

- Add your security key on the default store view. (Otherwise there will be problems with the return interface.)


 For more information, you can check and download the documentation of Monetico 1.


Find out our license by following this link:

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